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Most Expensive Apartments can be found in Little Elm, next to Frisco Apartments

October 24, 2016

Due to the vast amount of people moving to the Dallas Metroplex, developers are seeking the most prime locations for building new complexes and housing for future tenants. They are banking on locations where jobs are plentiful and growth is expected.

Over the last year, Little Elm has grown almost 50%.  Over all of North Texas, this is where the most expensive apartment complex has been built with a price tag around $71 million dollars.  Rents across the DFW are averaging around $1075/mo, an almost 6% increase since last year at this time. This equates to about $60/month more than previous rents for the same unit.

Right around the corner is Frisco and apartments Frisco are equally in high demand due to all the growth.  Apartments in McKinney are also a popular location with new complexes conveniently located close to major highways and easy access to commercial complexes (grocery stores, mall shopping, restaurants, etc).

The closer you are to major job opportunities, the higher your rent is going to be. Here are 10 amenities that add value to apartment communities:

  • Schools
  • Expressway or highway access
  • Supermarkets, shopping malls convenience stores
  • Police station
  • Stadiums, sports facilities and clubs
  • Religious venues
  • Public transportation
  • Parking spaces.
  • Restaurants and food centers
  • Landmarks

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